Live and on-demand webcasting for global delivery.

About Global LiveCast:

Global Livecast’s innovative approach to web streaming solves your communication challenges. Now you can connect to any audience in their native language – live! From employees and shareholders to your sales force and customers, we make that communication a success.

We’re also all about brand - YOUR brand. Every point of contact with your customers or employees reinforces your brand message, right down to the URL.

When your webcast calls for audience participation, we make that easy too! Our custom Q&A module makes it simple to manage questions. You can prioritize questions, provide presenters with pertinent notes and automatically push those selected questions and notes to presenters all over the world on cue. Why all over the world? Because Global Livecast ties all your communication formats together - local live audience, video conference feeds, Skype, telephone links, and just about any other format.

What happens behind the scenes is important too. That’s why we developed a sophisticated administration system that captures key viewer metrics throughout every event and offers a host of management tools to support your webcast.

Our mission is simple - to deliver your message reliably, anywhere in the world so every one of your viewers has a positive experience. We make this happen through extensive pre-event testing, redundant systems and viewer technical support.

We focus on three KEY areas:




We are a partner that helps you to expand your internal capabilities, leverage the best software and hardware, and develop, deploy & manage solutions that are customized to meet your needs.

Key Features

Live simultaneous UN style multilingual web broadcasting

Brand Tailoring

Point to Point HD transmission

Ability to tie multiple presenting locations into one broadcast

Interactive Plug ins

Nearly instant VOD (Video On Demand) of live events

Redundant CDN’s

High level security

Global Delivery


GLC can reach viewers anywhere there is a reliable internet connection and a device capable of viewing.  Our solution offers very low latency even with live multilingual interpretation. In most cases origination to desktop, delivered in a participant’s native language, is close to 10 seconds! 



GLC offers the capability for the viewers to watch the webcast in their native tongue.

We use centrally located interpreters at our facility to translate your presentation into any language, LIVE.  This is the same way the United Nations does interpretation during their meetings.  Interpreted webcasts are also individually recorded for on demand viewing.  We can also quickly interpret any prerecorded webcast or video.  


Click here for Multilingual Demo!


q&a application

Viewers can submit questions to the presenter during the webcast using our internet based interactive Q&A app

real-time and human IT support

Viewers can directly message GLC IT support staff via an integrated chat window on the webcast page

real-time text banner update

Live text banner updates with relevant information before, during, or after the webcast

polling & testing

Poll or test your audience during the webcast with live or recorded results



“Your Brand, your voice”

Our webcast interface is a direct extension of your brand and image.

Do not settle for template video players when you can have a product that matches your branding.

Social Media

Embed live social media feeds from Twitter to Facebook.

On Demand

On demand recordings of your webcast can be made available almost immediately after your webcast

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